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Female secretary escapes the hotel with a colleague Aki

Release Date: 2018-05-04, Duration: minutes

Now for a change and I pull out the plug and put in a bigger one with wires attached. This one is 3” in diameter and you moan as I push it in hard and fast and the ass muscle closes around the base. I hit a button and a mild electric shock hits your asshole and all your muscles tense. Then I attach clips to each nipple with wires and hit the button again and you jerk as the electric shock travels nipple to nipple. I now pull out a big dildo and spread your pussy with fingers and push the new dildo in. This is a special one with a hose attached along with wires. I hit the button and now a shock runs through everything, ass, nipples and cunt. I hit the button several times and as you jerk I whip your butt and thighs. Then the special dildo with the hose starts to pump a sticky liquid into your cunt and there does not seem to be an end. There isn’t as it is hooked to a big pail of liquid and it just cums and cums. I take you down from the X and put your head and hands in stock. I tie your ankles to rings in the floor. Now I take a leather belt and spank your ass until it is red while pushing the button and shocking your nipples. I have replaced the dildo with a couple of vibrator eggs wired for shock and put another in your ass. You wince with pain as I spank and shock you. I reach around and finger your pussy lips looking for your clit. When I find it I pinch it hard and pull on it till you moan.

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