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Release Date: 2018-05-05, Duration: minutes

My name is Janet and I've been married to Joe for three months now. I'm 18 and, while not a virgin when we wed, had virtually no sex experience beyond petting and a couple of times when a young boy friend pumped my vagina for a few seconds. Maybe there was some pleasure then but it was too brief to tell for sure. Joe, on the other hand, is 23 and, as he lovingly told me -- not bragging, just informing his true love, had considerable experience with all kinds of sex with tens of girls and even a boy once or twice. None of that bothered me. I even came to appreciate it as he used his prowess to teach me about sex. I grew to love the feeling I got from sex with Joe and the pleasure of pleasing him at the same time. But I struggled with oral sex. Joe patiently final got me to accept that blowjobs were not a deviant thing, and they showed the commitment and admiration for a man while also giving me pleasure, especially that mental pleasure gained from idolizing my husband's penis by sucking it dry, and it was something that could be done almost anywhere or anytime. However, I was learning the mechanics very slowly. It's one thing to have the right attitude but another thing to know just how to make his penis feel great with my lips, mouth and tongue. We had been working on this for over two months and Joe was showing some frustration. Left Behind

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